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Hi Everyone! Happy New Year and thank you again for all the support. I just wanted to post a short blog update. 

2021 was a challenging year to say the least. Beyond Covid, my family experienced another great loss with the passing of my older sister. Navigating life day to day, trying to stay positive and healthy. This year also brought into my life my first new home in New Mexico. Along with that the process of rebuilding. The studio has been taking me some time and yet it is coming along fantastically well, all things considered. I was hoping to be up and running by January, not foreseeing the life challenges or death, breaking my hand, and other personal health issues. Currently awaiting a crew to come help me pour a nice concrete floor inside my structure. Then ventilation and tables.

I feel like I'm standing in the eye of a hurricane. It is still and quiet, after the brunt of the 2021 storm was so vicious, but I brace for what could be around the corner. Yet we must push forward and with absolute faith and hope that the world will live better days. 

This year I began a new line of raw jewelry and accessories for several reasons. First reason was to learn new mediums while I'm incapable of creating glass or miniature works without a studio. Second reason was to develop ideas and concepts mixing the mediums for a new body of sculptural work. Third reason was to put my energy and projections into a positive body of work outside of my normal works. Fulfilling a creative vision I was blessed with last summer. Some of these works are personal/sacred and will not be displayed. Other works I will begin to release on this website for purchase and others will be available in the Colorado and New Mexico area. 

Thanks for taking the time to read and following my journey. Please be sure to share and leave some feedback. Still lots of amazing works available on this site and more to come. I wish you and yours a great new year.



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